Sunday, December 30, 2012

beading books

sorry people, i have sonme problem uploading my image.....stay tune..

Beading books that i bought and read

Assalam and salam sejahtera to all of you my sweet readers,

recently ( not so recently, it was almost 3 moons ago, i  bought a few books @ kinokuniya..mind you, the book really are ohsem (cuba try tiru gaya bahasa anak-anak nowadays)..but joke aside...they are remarkable books writtern by some beading master.  i am going to give you some insight into the books..these books help me alot in designing and also beadings..

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kursus Online Marketing

assalam and good day all,
Hari ni, den attend kursus internet marketing organised by MARA di Pertama Kompleks. Lecturer yang muda dan classmate semuanye mude belia.

Subjek yang akan diajar:

a.  Internet platform; mencari produk/prkhidmatan;mendaftar ecwid; setting profile,design,tools and basic design
b.  Cataloging; register products; sales management
c.  integration of ecwid n facebook; blogcreations;internet marketing and QnA
I am hoping that this course will help me doing my business.

May God bless us all n assalam