Wednesday, September 29, 2010

tips of the day

starting today, i will start giving out beading tips. it will be on the free time basis  hehehe...ok let seee....for today, i shall show to you the short cut of designing.  when you design your motifs, sometimes (most of the times) we will have to draw out the flower patterns.  this could be messy and lots of work.  to simplify it and save yr precious time.....just do this

1.  look for laces.  they have lots of motifs.  cut them out and paste them on the baju kurung.  this lace techniq is mainly for flowers.  i normally stitch them on the fabric (2 stitches).  Benifits:

    a.  you can choose what pattern you want.  simply put them together.
    b.  you can choose the sizes of your flower according to the motifs of the lace.
    c.  save yr time to draw.

so.....enjoy peep....see you soon.

take care, keep fit, de-stress yrself
salam & cheers

WIP baju kak siti

the colour of the baju is very sweet.  i tried the pink sequin, i dont like the tone, its too bright but hubby said its ok.  for yr information , hubby is my reference point as i know his taste in colour is good.  But lets see how will this WIP looks like when all the dauns and fillers are fitted.

till then peep;
stay focus, take care and de-stress(make sure)
salam & cheers

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

been busy

this is what i have been doing the last 3 days....3 baju kurung but this pic is only one of them..  enjoy peep and dont forget:  stay cool, take care and remember to de-stress...

Monday, September 27, 2010

new idea

this new idea i consider very raw.  will enhance the design with details of stitches and material to use.  but that will take sometime i guess, as i must figure out how to do it.....or maybe i can just outsource it to my daughter....she's good with all this.

so stay tune,,,,,if you want to see what it looks like..

new idea

salam all,

i was in a meeting today...from 9 till 12 noon.  90% was all technical matter only 10% admin and logistic...since i was not amused with all the technical things, my imagination ran so wild and the result?
is wont believe it hehehehehehehe......maafkan lah hambamu ya Allah......percepatkanlah proses berenti kerja aku ya allah....amin............

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Long Time No Blog

Well..well..well what can i say...
Been busy with everyday and more work.....hopefully i can say, been there, done that very soon.  After browsing the russians web and having looked at other marvelous craftwork, through Bead &  Button, i have found a local crafter that can sell a cabochon  and really am glad.  i was searhing for the cabochon for quite sometimes. 

i also would like to thank Azie NZ  for letting me know other places that sell beads......i really appreciate that.

So....whats new now.....i am into baju pengantin now.  for my sister who will be married come this 23rd Oct 2010.  hopefully i wiil be able to get them ready before the D-day.

will up-load pixes sooooooon peep.....till then.....take care and thank you for dropping by.