Thursday, July 18, 2013

more free tutorials

assalam and good day nice people,

i have added a new website which gives many many many free scheme and tutorials on bead .i love this place..but i mst warn you, you need to be a little creative to find the free tutorials and schmes...back and forth and round and round you get them...they are good ones....

till then

happy beading

stay safe
destress for, stress kills

toodle pip


ps:  take a look at the place i love to visit.  thats where is.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

tutorial percuma

assalam and selamat sejahtera people,

i forgot, another way of looking up for free tutorials, and you will be surprise that you will get to see a lot of materials.......just type bead scheme on your goole....and you will get alot of schemes from can reigster yourself if you want its free but like, you just browse and take what you needed..

so again enjoy beading..till then

take care
destress &

Pautan kepada websites yang mempunyai sangat banyak ilmu berkenaan manik

assalam and selamat sejahtera semua,

Di dalam mengharungi dunia manik, saya rasa sangat bertuah kerana dikurniakan Allah sifat yang suka mencari perkara baru dan di dalam mencari ilmu ilmu baru mengenai manik, saya telah dijumpakan oleh Allah dengan website website dari luar negara yang penuh dengan maklumat dan ilmu ilmu mengenai manik yang diberi secara percuma.  you guys can check them at places i love to go at the side bar. (i dont know how to do hyper link hahaha )

panjang panjangkanlah perkara ini kepada mereka mereka yang sangat minat tentang manik agar kita bersama sama memanfaatkan segala ilmu yang ada.  Sekiranya you fapat hasil yang baik, saya mohon jangan lupa memberi kredit kepada mereka mereka ini sebagai tanda terima kasih kita kepada mereka yang telah berusaha memberi tutorial tutorial percuma kepada kita.

so, enjoy people adn do come again.

ps:  still cant upload what i am doing at the mo......give me a little more time ...till then

take care
de stress

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

another give away

assalam and good day nice people out there,

i am on my way to Lumut ..we are having 4 days craftdays at the naval base. i am one of the teachers and we are goig to teach fr the 4 days..will up date more of now...i am planning to give a away a book by rozita jaafar namely sulaman manik 3D..cant upload the pix here now as i have some probems.. will up date ladies wait no more i am giving this book to my drop a line, give me your address and whoever pm me first will get the book...wait for tomoorow i will give you more.....for those of you who are not my follower yet but you would ike to try your luck,,,just register and pm can also stand a chance to win....

cross your fingers that i might give away some stash that i am not using to you guys...  take care for now..

till then
taje care
pssst i dont know how to insert my signature hahahaha