Wednesday, December 14, 2011

new project

peace be upon all of us, new project ha ha....hopefully i will be able to finish this by March 2012.    it is heringbone stitch flower.........

salam & cheers

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

peace be upon you all,

i am soooo sorry to emerald.....took me almost 6 months (maybe more) to send the book i promised to you. i have packed the book and waiting to be posted by this afternoon. so emerald tunggu ya....but you need to give me your phone numbers as it is compulsary to put them in the pos laju slip. i hope you dont mind dropping the phone number just in case, the parcel couldnt go without your phone number. the book i am sending is something about french beaded flower by Rozita Jaafar.

thank you and sorry again

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

give away

dear followers,
akak pasti, you semua peminat manik dan juga membuat jahitan manik sendirikan?  i have loads of manik, sequin and what not. surplus.. i want to give them away.  let me take pictures of them first and post them here. then i want to see hands who want them ya? 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

hadiah mystry

ladies n gentlemen, hadiah mystery kali ini jatuh kepada.....jeng jeng jeng.....emeraldddd......tahniah emerald...leave yr address ye??

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mystery Gift

Akak rasakan, akan nak bagi hadiah kepada   follower akak yang bertuah....hadiahnye maybe buku manik, samada jahitan manik atau bunga follower akak.....siapa yang terawal bagi address kat akak, dia akan menang....buku yang akan dihadiahkan akan diuploadkan gambarnya esok standby ya?????

french beaded flower lagi

assalam peeps,
lagi satu bunga manik yang dah lama hand bouqet is still in progress...unable to publish yet....too tired to do enjoys this for the time being....

Thursday, January 13, 2011

start-up kits

untuk challenge diri saya sendiri, saya dengan ini ingin membuka class untuk bunga manik kepada sesiapa yang berminat.  saya juga akan menyediakan start up kits sekiranya ada yang berminat untuk membeli.......stay tune yeah........swaya juga kini sedang merancang untukmemberi hadiah kepada pengunjung-pengunjung saya.  ini adalah salah satu cara agar saya dapat menghargai visitors di sini......

Tahun Baru

  Selamat menyambut tahunb 2011 peeps, i know i'm late...but hey its better late then to up-date you guys, i upload a few photos of what i have been doing lately.  i might opt doin french beaded flower instead of buat manik baju......i am working on a hand bouqette now (maroon-have to be pretty hehehehehe)  Enjoyyyyyy

So, see you guys again soon.....