Thursday, October 28, 2010

russian leave

salam guys,

do you want to learn how to make russian leaf with st pitts stitich?  if you are interested, go here

if it brings u to the main site, just browse for beadwork on the top right hand corner, u'll find alot of things there.

salam for now


japanese beads book

thank you for an overwhelming replies.  i have emailed the book this morning.  for those who hasnt got the book, just let me know.  i will re-email to you.

till then

stay focus, keep fit,take care and de-stress for
stress kills

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

tutorials 2

salam guys,
sorry was unable to give tutorial 2 as promised due to my tight schedule.  but anyhow together with this, i have downloaded one japanese beading book which i am gonna put it here for you guys to have a look.  you might be able to learn from here as well.

so, for now,
sorry again.  life will be normal again after the good other half came back from Beirut, which will be next week.

sorry guys,  i cant paste the book here.  i have the soft copy with me..a good book for beginners as well as advance.  so, if you guys intereseted, please give me yr email addy: i will send you the book.

till then,
take care,stay focus, stay fit, and DE-STRESS for,
stress kills (one doctor told me)

salam & cheers

Friday, October 15, 2010

baju nikah siti

salam guys.  am in a hurry, hubby is waiting downstairs......this pics are my attemp on baju nikah.  baju nikah my sister.  i will add in the write ups later ya...stay tune...this can be for this mondays tutorial.....meanwhile,  keep fit, stay focus, take care and DESTRESS

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

tutorial 1 - tambahan

here it is guys.... step p and q.....sorry for the MIA pic.........old age guys....excuse me for that...

q.  sambung step n,p sampi q sehingga penuh the fillers

p.  tentukan tarik benang sehingga manik berkedudukan sebegini, kemudia cucuk jarum ke atas semula

i know guys, p comes earlier than q, tapi my edit tak jalan.....i gave up so let it be lah.

ok thats all for now,

take care, stay focus, keep fit and
stress kills

salam n cheers

Monday, October 11, 2010

tutorial 1-extra

salam all,

i am soooo sorry, i missed 2 steps...after n there should be p and q so sorry,...will do it once i am home today...

till then
stay focus, keep fit, take care n
stress kills

Sunday, October 10, 2010

tutorial 1

1.  salam peeps....finally, i got the strength to put  up this first tutorial for you guys.  i hope you will find this tutorial useful.  for your information, i will not go into the introduction of techniques but rather on a specific type of stitches.  for those of you  who are newbies, feel free to drop a line if you need guidance on the very basic level of stitch.  otherwise i will assume that all of you are able to cope with the tutorial. 
2.  a little on the teknik that i am giving out today.  the flower that i made here is a sequin flower.  teknik=fish scale single layer. if you take a closer look, you will be able to see the shades of the flower.  this is the teknik used for shadings.  you can choose a different colour but make sure the shades are one tone or two tone higher or lower.
3.  lets go straight to the tutorial:

a. .
b. then, draw the shades. to practice doing this, take real flowers and look at their shades. really look. you will notice the different shades that a flower has. dont worry, you can do it.

c. start stitching. start with the outer layer with the darker colour, since i use the darker colour for the outside for this tutoria. for a realistic effect you should start with a brighter colour first. but brighter or darker, you will get the shades. dont worry too much.

d. these are the 2 colours that i use. i am using indian sequin. indian sequin is the flat sequin, real flat sequin. they come in various sizes, three main sizes, large, medium and small.

e. fill in all the outer layer. pick up only 1(one) piece of sequin and stitch them onto the outer layer of the flower. cara jahitan, from left to right.

f.  this is how it looks when all the outer layer has been filled in.

g.  now, we are going to use the lighter colour for the inner layer (shades).

h. repeat the first step, stitch in single(1) sequen from left to right.

j. filled up the inner layer. matikan benang dan sambung ke petal no 2.

k.  start with petal no 2

l. repeat step a - k


m.  this is how it looks when all the petals have been filled inAdd caption
n. now for the fillers. pick 3 beads (prefarably rounded beads)

r. you will get these.


4.  Since this is my very first tutorial, i know there will be many many flaws.  i am no writer nor am i a photographer.  my sole intention is to have all of you learn this embroidary.  because, once you master these, you can make money. big or small it all depend on you.  so guys, give me comments so that i can up-grade my tutorials.

5.  i know the photo is tad too small, but for this tutorial, you will have to bear with me.  the master of the dslr is out of station so, i can only make do with my blackberry.  in tutorials to come, its gonna be the job of dslr ya.  EXCUSES...EXCUSES i know, but i cant help it.......

with that,
stay focus, stay healthy and remember to
stress kills.

salam n cheers

Monday, October 4, 2010


guys, i am truly sorry.  was suppose to start my first tutorial today but i was bogged down with so many things.  hari raya do, contract discussions, contract renewal....i know those were exhausted...pray hard that i am ok tomorrow..  will publish my first tutorial tomorrow instead.

till tomorrow,
stay focus, keep fit, take care and DE STRESS

salam n cheers

Saturday, October 2, 2010

WIP kak siti

as of today, this is how my WIP looks like.....

tips of the day - sunday 3/10/10

hari ini, tips yang i nak beri adalah sangaaaat simple....but it helps me alot when i want to bead.  OK before you start beading, make sure you thread at least 6 needles at one go.  if your project is a big project, than have at least 10 needles threaded.  your beading session will be smooth.

tutorials for beading stitches

dear all,
after more than two years here on the web.....i finally decided that i will give out tutorials for basic beading stitches as well as tips on beadings.  TETAPI, all my tutorials and tips are strictly given out base on my experience on beadings.  so, if you guys think that its good, please feel free to follow, if otherwise, just forget it.  my tutotials will be release every monday.  my aspiration is to have all ladies out there to acquire this skill.  thats the way i can share with you guys the knowledge.  thank you all for dropping by.

till then,

stay focus, keep fit, take care and DONT FORGET TO de stress.

Salam n cheers