Wednesday, September 29, 2010

tips of the day

starting today, i will start giving out beading tips. it will be on the free time basis  hehehe...ok let seee....for today, i shall show to you the short cut of designing.  when you design your motifs, sometimes (most of the times) we will have to draw out the flower patterns.  this could be messy and lots of work.  to simplify it and save yr precious time.....just do this

1.  look for laces.  they have lots of motifs.  cut them out and paste them on the baju kurung.  this lace techniq is mainly for flowers.  i normally stitch them on the fabric (2 stitches).  Benifits:

    a.  you can choose what pattern you want.  simply put them together.
    b.  you can choose the sizes of your flower according to the motifs of the lace.
    c.  save yr time to draw.

so.....enjoy peep....see you soon.

take care, keep fit, de-stress yrself
salam & cheers


Azie said...

great tips ! other than save time to draw, it also work as backups - no need to use kertas gam anymore

Saridah Ibrahim said...

thats right azie..especially when your medium is very soft like chiffon and silk. am gonna give out tuts for basic bead stay tune